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One of the startling things about living in the US is the chilled out approach people have to drink driving. For anyone coming from the UK or Ireland, it’s a bit of a shock to realize that people here are happy to drive home after 3 …4 …5 pints. My generation in the UK grew […]

Since the advent of sci-fi, we’ve been trying to create artificial brains. We’ve been trying to understand our own for even longer. The clever folk looking at Deep Learning are attempting to replicate human thought processes, by building ‘neural nets’, pieces of software that are connected by layers of ‘neurons’ that can, in a manner […]

As my friend pointed out, my enthusiastic call as the Superbowl kicked off referred to the wrong sport – baseball, rather than American Football. A strong start. It’s fair to say, I didn’t have the strongest grasp on the game itself, apart from that it takes 4 hours to play 1 hour worth of sport. […]

Have been playing around with Snapchat recently. Not in a rude way, you understand. Snapchat’s raison d’être is the selfie. I had thought this service was part of the inevitable progress of our narcism to onanistic levels. And yet, the fact that these messages are sent one-to-one, unlike the one-to-many services of FB and Twitter, […]

What a town. Having spent years totally, utterly, unfussed about going, once it was on the cards I was obsessed. We spent two nights at the Golden Nugget. This place has a sharkpool, that sits within the actual pool, and then a waterslide that runs through the sharkpool*. I’d heard of ‘The Strip’. I hadn’t […]

It takes a little while to march up the inclines, and a few wrong stairwells, but when you get to the top, it’s just amazing. Rolling round from the Pacific, to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and its dinky little Treasure Island, all the way down the Bay, and whatever scenic little lumps […]

San Francisco is ridiculously pedestrian-friendly. It does mean the traffic crawls along, but everybody seems cool with that. If there aren’t any lights, then you’ve got right of way. It’s like BEING A KING.

The public transport system is crazy-complicated. None of the maps make any sense. There’s a card that’s sort of like an Oyster card, called the Clipper card. But you can’t buy that in any of the stations – why would you want to do that, you crazy cat!? You have to go to a pharmacy […]

Hello everybody. I’ve just moved to San Francisco and will be writing here on some things that interest me. San Francisco itself, for one – I’m loving getting to know the city, and the whole area. Digital stuff too; where tech and marketing meet to give us ways to tell interesting stories. And anything else […]