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Since the advent of sci-fi, we’ve been trying to create artificial brains. We’ve been trying to understand our own for even longer. The clever folk looking at Deep Learning are attempting to replicate human thought processes, by building ‘neural nets’, pieces of software that are connected by layers of ‘neurons’ that can, in a manner […]

As my friend pointed out, my enthusiastic call as the Superbowl kicked off referred to the wrong sport – baseball, rather than American Football. A strong start. It’s fair to say, I didn’t have the strongest grasp on the game itself, apart from that it takes 4 hours to play 1 hour worth of sport. […]

Have been playing around with Snapchat recently. Not in a rude way, you understand. Snapchat’s raison d’être is the selfie. I had thought this service was part of the inevitable progress of our narcism to onanistic levels. And yet, the fact that these messages are sent one-to-one, unlike the one-to-many services of FB and Twitter, […]