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One of the startling things about living in the US is the chilled out approach people have to drink driving. For anyone coming from the UK or Ireland, it’s a bit of a shock to realize that people here are happy to drive home after 3 …4 …5 pints. My generation in the UK grew […]

As my friend pointed out, my enthusiastic call as the Superbowl kicked off referred to the wrong sport – baseball, rather than American Football. A strong start. It’s fair to say, I didn’t have the strongest grasp on the game itself, apart from that it takes 4 hours to play 1 hour worth of sport. […]

Have been playing around with Snapchat recently. Not in a rude way, you understand. Snapchat’s raison d’être is the selfie. I had thought this service was part of the inevitable progress of our narcism to onanistic levels. And yet, the fact that these messages are sent one-to-one, unlike the one-to-many services of FB and Twitter, […]