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It takes a little while to march up the inclines, and a few wrong stairwells, but when you get to the top, it’s just amazing. Rolling round from the Pacific, to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and its dinky little Treasure Island, all the way down the Bay, and whatever scenic little lumps […]

San Francisco is ridiculously pedestrian-friendly. It does mean the traffic crawls along, but everybody seems cool with that. If there aren’t any lights, then you’ve got right of way. It’s like BEING A KING.

The public transport system is crazy-complicated. None of the maps make any sense. There’s a card that’s sort of like an Oyster card, called the Clipper card. But you can’t buy that in any of the stations – why would you want to do that, you crazy cat!? You have to go to a pharmacy […]