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Getting around

The public transport system is crazy-complicated. None of the maps make any sense. There’s a card that’s sort of like an Oyster card, called the Clipper card. But you can’t buy that in any of the stations – why would you want to do that, you crazy cat!? You have to go to a pharmacy to buy your transport ticket. Of course.

That said. San Francisco = hills. Unless you want to get cabs everywhere, you need to know how to schlep across town. While there are always a couple of crazies (hello, the guy smoking crack beside me at the bus stop), everyone else is super-helpful.

  • BART – a train that rattles round the bay area and to the airport.
  • Muni – a tram that also goes underground. I actually refused to believe this when I was told about this, but Tom is right. It does.
  • Streetcar – beeeeyootiful old trams that run along the flat streets, from the piers down through Market.
  • Cable car – the classic icon. Can’t believe you’re still allowed to hang out the sides of these. They’re ace, but expensive. TOPTIP: you don’t have to wait down the bottom of Powell St either – you can pick them up anywhere along the route.

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