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Email and CRM campaign

This was a super-concentrated welcome email, driving consumers from ‘interest’, through ‘intent’ to ‘active planning’.

We knew the purchase funnel is getting shorter and shorter and we had to convert to a sale ever more quickly.

As soon as a consumer indicated interest by signing up to our database, or interacting with cold emails, we welcomed them to the fold and served out emails packed with relevant and compelling news and offers. The emails were tailored according to target segment, and different sections of the emails and the landing pages were tagged to indicate ‘interest’, ‘intent’ and ‘active planning’. Depending on how you interacted with the email, you would be served different content next email.

Follow-up emails were sent 6 months later to determine whether consumers actually travelled to Ireland.

For the first time ever, we were able to measure an actual ‘Cost Per Active Planner’ for our CRM activity, and from there, an ROI.


  • 9% increase in Open Rate (vs previous year)
  • -18% drop in Cost per Active Planner (vs previous year)