A digital and marketing pro.
Evaluation Frameworks

As Henry Ford said, ‘I know half of my advertising spend is wasted – but I don’t know which half’.

Luckily, we’ve got tools that Henry didn’t. We’re able to reduce that waste, and spend limited budgets in the most effective way possible.

I’ve led and been involved in lots of evaluation projects across many different clients.

I create campaign dashboards, to optimise during campaigns, and to monitor between campaigns. With Tourism Ireland, I created the first ‘Engagement Report’, which looked beyond page visits and drilled down into on-site behaviour and conversions. I use tools like

  • Web analytics: Google Analytics, Webtrends
  • Social: Youtube Insights, Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights, Facebook Page Karma, Page Lever, bitly
  • And of course the mighty Excel. Lawd knows I love a spreadsheet.

A great campaign starts with sharp insight and a beautiful idea. But it has to finish by meeting KPIs.

However, not everyone is comfortable with these tools, or the data that spouts from them. So the skill here is in making this intelligible; in summarising this data into clear actions. And that’s what I do.