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Campaign includes: TV, cinema, video on demand

Targeting two very different segments – one 45+ for rural vacations, the other a youth segment only interested in citybreaks.

Two very different messages served out in different ways.

Our older segment saw a more traditional buy; TV and cinema, honing in on specific programmes & movies for greater penetration.

The younger segment used pacey 30” spots as Video on Demand. Using network targeting to precisely speak with this audience and get them to reappraise what they thought they knew of Ireland.

TV spots, for 45+ audience focusing on rural breaks


  • Reach of 19m+ of target audience.
  • Brand Tracking survey saw 12% increase in awareness and 9% increase in intent to travel.
  • Following the launch of this campaign at the start of 2013, visitors to Ireland grew 7%.


Video on demand assets, for 18-35s, focusing on citybreaks


  • 948k total views
  • 17% drop in Cost per View