A digital and marketing pro.

Campaign included: immersive theatre, social, radio and digital.

”Emerging breathless and dazed back into Bestival without a drop of Guinness in me, it dawns that Shenanigans is actually a theatrical art happening designed by the Tourism Ireland to make going to Ireland seem like a riot of a time. And it damn well works.” The Guardian, Oct 2013

Targeting a brand new youth segment, I knew we had to talk to them differently. We wanted to get our users to reappraise Ireland as a citybreak destination, so we surprised them with a pop-up theatrical experience in an environment where they were with their friends (and fellow holiday-makers).

The deep engagement of the Shenanigans experience was followed up with a radio sponsorship with XFM, bringing listeners of 1m+ into the experience. A month-long sponsorship brought them to Bestival, Dublin and Belfast with radio celebs and bands to create a ‘must-hear’ promotion. This was all wrapped with an agile digital and social plan which boosted all of the assets produced – videos, images, Facebook posts, tweets – out to millions more of our target audience.




  • The campaign reached 5.8m of our key audience
  • Generated amazing PR stories:
  • 109k views of the key 30″ video
  • 50k of our audience actively engaged with us on Facebook and Twitter.