A digital and marketing pro.

Campaign includes: social, email

We had to fill ‘the green desert’. Our audience knew where Dublin and Belfast was, but nothing outside of that. They also didn’t trust an official tourist board message as much as they do more ‘authentic’ recommendations.

So we put them at the centre of the experience. Recruited an intrepid couple, put them in a camper van, and let the audience help them solve the clues and guide them on their trip. The experience was live and interactive, delivered through Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. Movies, photos, spot prizes, and a bit of skinny-dipping kept the audience enthralled!


  • 1.8m reach on Facebook
  • 93k social interactions
  • £151k Social Media Equivalent Advertising Value


  • Best Travel Campaign, DMAs 2012
  • Best Social Campaign, Travel Marketing Awards 2012
  • Best Travel & Hospitality, International Echo Awards 2012